by Schadenfroyd

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#IgnoranceIsTheEnemy #MinoritiesArePriorities I wrote this track to introduce myself and how I think to the world. Enjoy and share!


We have a weird Homicide…

In a scene described by one investigator as reminiscent of a weird religious rite…


They call me Schadenfroyd, I’m straight out tha CO, I got more connectivity than POE so, three tokes steamin’ straight thru your team tho. Pleased to meet you, now please get your B off my C, bro. She goes, Dyson nose, fien for green so, seems like when I speak I’m on the peak of the steeple. People they be talkin “oh he’s so deceitful” Best believe this good guy comin' thru with the heat, yo!. We know, leaks speak to feed your need, indeed greed’s the creed on Wall Street and they plead, from their tower, ivory, but minorities are priorities. C'mon.

The thought of the horror awaiting them is almost too much, but brutality is fought with stern measure…


We the People have had it up to here,
We’ve had enough of manufactured greed, hate, and fear. Hey!
To me its clear, in the cleanest mirrors,
Its time to part the world in a sea of tears.
Now, just kick back let’s take a ride, intellectually speaking I will be your guide, tonight. It’s alright if you speak your mind, just understand you’re gonna get a flood of mine! Now don’t underestimate affiliates, I know your standing with me, fists up, ARE YOU FEELIN" IT!?!? Rise together and FIGHT together all day. One final decree before my second say…

It was in this grim hell that they piled up bodies like common cord wood, to assist in decompisition…


Money from war? Send the frightened poor. Eisenhower knew the score but you wanted more. FIGHT the power of course, STRIKE if hours are yours, KNIGHT your brother to SNIPE their right-hand man… damn, I think I went and hatched a plan, packets on the LAN, winkey face and scram, that’s nice man, ice man, dice and grams, stitched up snitches on some diagrams. Now my man clammed up on the scam, then dropped that bag, habit, and ran, rabbit, grab it, split grip and BLAM! That’s my bike punk! sleep in the sand. Now

These were pictures that shocked the world, one mans dream that he turned into a nightmare (y'all want some healthcare???) , a place of paradise that became a hell for hundreds of people that put their faith in him…

Tactics, I relax it’s facts marginal business tax should be higher than wax melted by Canis major. Savior, on the mic, right? With my flow tight, I just might, wreck your mumble rapper’s muthafuckin day tonight. They gonna get eviscerated by a cracker that’s high as a kite, but at least you got a front row seat, right?
Yall know exactly what I’m talkin bout, east coast, west coast, and the Dirty south. I’m No Coast in the middle with the potty mouth, thoughtful rhymes rain down, quenching your drought. Now..


Those with an education were denounced as class traitors, and quickly rounded up. Having an education became a crime against the new order. Punishment for that crime was death…


Do what you’re told, carry the load of soul crushing debt til you’re older than old. You’re fillin the fold, you're giving the gold you’re learning to earn you’re paying to burn your future while buildin’ it. Interest doesn’t interest me, I'll invest in some quality, hydroponically, astronomically, crypto-chronically dank ass Colorado cannabis. Now, minister marry a pair of 'em, pseudoscientific optimism’s a schism and suicide’s a bad prism that’s
Far more sinister to Americans …
Homefront communism.

Union Square in New York was the backdrop for these scenes of Red violence. Form their ranks will come the sabateours, spies, and subversives, should World War 3 be forced upon America…


Flat earth? antivaxx? Okay… They obviously think the sun doesn’t “schade”. But add “n-froyd” and your party’s got it made. Days laid back hits getting played, pay washing up like it’s a wave, everybody bounce, you know it’s okay, come around my block, you know you gonna stay. Anybody’s welcome, now pass the hay.

Ignorance is the enemy.

Hate in America isn't a question of whether it's tolerated or not. America is minorities, and that means you, and me.


released April 20, 2019


all rights reserved



Schadenfroyd Colorado

Schadenfroyd makes music you like. How can that be? It’s Science! Music is aesthetic beauty, and that beauty comes in many forms. Sometimes it’s rage. Sometimes it’s love. No matter what, it is always passion. Schadenfroyd drips with passion. From soul singing, staccato rhymes, and shredding metal vocals as well as all of the supporting music and production, Schadenfroyd can do it all. ... more

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